You Big Dummy (Bell)!

June 25, 2018

Heavy Metal Monday

AO: OG_AO @ Hugh MacRae Park

PAX: 20 lead by YHC (Tom Sawyer) on Q w/ Fire Marshall Bill, Busted Grill, Capt. Stubbing, Kung Fu Panda, Special K, LETC, Bone Spur, Atari, Gravity, Time Out, Morpheus, Texas Instrument, Mayhem, Jiffy Pop, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Gerber, One & Done, FNG (Pig Pen)


SSH – 20 (IC)

Mountain Climbers – 20 (IC)

Count off – starting off w/20 Pax in in circle

Follow the Q – Mosey around parking lot island, then back to the circuit station for a quick run-through of the 11 stations

The Thang:

Partner up and find a station, and perform that station’s exercise until the lap runners return from a lap (AND… 3 burpees at mid-point) around the parking lot and get back to their next station and yell….NEXT!


  1. Lap
  2. LBCs w/Kettlebell
  3. Figure 8 w/Kettlebell
  4. Tricep Extensions
  5. Upright Row
  6. Battle Rope around the light pole – 45’ long, 4” wide
  7. Parking Block Sprints
  8. Bicep Curls with 30lbs on Hammer Curl Bar
  9. Front / Lateral Raise w/10lb Kettlebell
  10. Lap
  11. Farmer’s Carry w/ two 40lb GoRuck Sandbags


Mostly Disney feel-good type stuff with some John Legend mixed in. We hugged it out!


Count-off: Ended also with 20 Pax…so that’s good, right?!?! Welcomed in FNG (Pig Pen) brought out by Fire Marshall Bill

Prayers for:

  •  *Gravity’s M-I-L who is recovering from cancer surgery the end of last week.
  •  *Kung Fu Panda’s sister who is a BAD ASS (his words not mine) on how she has tackled her cancer diagnosis and treatments
  • *Tom Sawyer’s ex-wife for stability and for the Pitt Crew.
  •  *Thankfulness for the bodies and ability to do F3
  •  *Continued guidance to be better men in our community; better Fathers; better husbands

I was dragging on Q’ing this one fellas…not gonna lie!  You got me moving and motivated and it was such and honor to be lifted and to Q.

Until next time,

Thomas Sawyer, esq.



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