The Devil’s Ten in Brunswick County


AO: Leland Metal Mania

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Baretta, AED, Balthazar, Deputy Dawg, Brady


First trip across the river in some time for YHC, and first post @ LMM. Conditions were warm and humid, perfect for a dance with the Devil, or his 10 at least…



Toy Soldier x20IC

Cotton Pickers x15IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x15IC


The Thang

The Devil’s Ten – 10 stations / 10 reps @ each + 10 merkins after each

  • Tricep Extensions (20# KB)
  • Shoulder Press (25# DB x2)
  • V Ups (25# KB)
  • Mower Pulls (20# KB)
  • American Hammer (25# KB)
  • Step Ups (40# sandbag)
  • Thrusters (50# sandbag)
  • Curls (25# KB x2)
  • Farmer Carry (35# ruck x2)
  • Bear Crawl / Block Drag (concrete block x1)

All PAX completed each station at least twice.

Cool down / shake out lap around park @ Baretta pace.


Box Cutter x15IC (Brady)

Flutter Kicks x20IC (Deputy Dawg)

100’s x25



COT / Moleskin

Strong work men! It was an honor & pleasure to lead today. I remember when F3 Leland was born, it’s hit grown-ass man status now with 3 AO’s!

Sasquatch : 07/28 @ F3 ENC (Greenville) = you should go…

Buy a Cape Fear hat!

F3 Dads Camp : 08/17| Register quick if you want to go. Check slack #f3dadcamp channel for info.

Check the event calendar for opportunities to do something with Ainsley’s Angels.

Thanks again for allowing me to lead!


Until next time…





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