Squares & Triangles & Straight Lines

# of PAX: 11, Including INXS from Greensboro!

PAX: The Hoff, McRib (FNG), Tiny Tank, Moab, Chicken Noodle, Tubbs, Short Rib, Spare Rib, RX, INXS, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


15 SSH, IC

15 Moroccan Night Clubs, IC

15 Cotton Pickers, IC

Curb Calf Stretches, OYO

10 Copperhead Squats, IC

The Thang:

Mosey a bit to the North end of the Parking Lot.

PAX used a section of the parking lot to complete a series of circuits following common shapes learned in geometry class.

Lesson One: The Square

Pax complete 5 laps around the perimeter of the square completing 10 reps of 4 exercises in each corner as follows: Merkins, Squats, WWII Sit-Ups, Mike Tysons. Faster pax who finished first then ran around the perimeter to encourage other paxs.  Once all paxs completed all 5 laps, the lesson was complete.

Lesson Two: The Triangle

Pax complete 4 laps around the perimeter of a triangle completing 10 reps of 3 exercises in each corner of the triangle as follows: Wide Merkins, Burpees, LBC’s. Faster pax who finished first then ran around the perimeter to encourage other paxs. Once all paxs completed all 4 laps, the lesson was complete.

Lesson Three: The Straight Line

Pax complete 3 round-trips following a straight line completing 10 reps of 2 exercises at the begin/end point as follows: Narrow Merkins & Lunges.

Extra Credit

Pax completed shoulder taps between fence, sidewalk, and parking lot taking advantage of sprinkler system to cool down.

Mosey to flag.


69 Flutter Kicks, IC. Just because.


Strong work by 11 PAXs.  Welcome INXS from Greensboro!  It was his 2ndposting and first w/ Screaming Eagle while he is on vacation. He hit the jackpot visiting our AO.

Thanks to The Hoff for his encouragement and especially for looking after our visitor, INXS. Random rock star support – kinda like running into James Corden and Paul McCartney during Carl Pool Karaoke; luck day for INXS.

Welcome Ben now known as McRib.  Screaming Eagle is like visiting the meat counter – we specialize in ribs.  Still holding out for a Prime Rib candidate – good call by Tiny Tank on naming McRib.

RX and Chicken Noodle with the highly motivated presence this morning.

Tubbs nugging away at 20 in 30.  Did I overhear him say how many pounds he’s dropped since Feb???  A pretty good #.

Moab just moves – whispers some encouragement…much like Tiny Tank who just moves faster – and like burpees.

Prayers for SPC Ingram and his family who lost their 10-year girl in an accident this weekend.

Prayers for Glenn who is determined to get through recovery.

Prayers for all serving in any capacity and any uniform.

Prayers for a special Pax not named who needs God’s hand in life this week.

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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