Plankin Drag-Race

DATE: 6/21/18 

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Tiny-Tank, Trolley-Stop, Short-Rib, Hooch, Tubbs, Tiny-Dancer, RX, Spare-Rib, Happy Gilmore


Seal Claps x30 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Hill Billy’s x20 IC


Mosey to the coupon stash-spot

Everyone grab a block and mosey to the basketball courts

Block-burner 11’s:

  • Start with Curl-Presses x10
  • Push the block across 3 basketball courts and perform Decline-Spider-Merkins x1
  • Run back to start, Curl-presses x9
  • Push block back across courts and Decline-Spider-Merkins x2
  • Rinse and repeat until reps are Curl-Presses x1 and Declined Spider Merkins x10

Coupon mosey to Flamer’s Wall


  • Partner up
  • One partner planks on the planks while the other drags them across the yard to the sidewalk
  • Both partners do Burpees x5 then flip-flop on the planks and return to the start

Coupon mosey back to the stash-spot, drop the coupons and then back to the flags

Cool-down – Burpees x5, Merkins x5, Carolina Dry Docks x5, Squats x5, Heals to Heaven x5 – rinse and repeat.


  • Today happened to be the anniversary of Cheech’s passing so the work-out was designated as a remembrance to him. RIP
  • Spare Rib and Tiny Dancer both experimented with fragmenting during the Block-Burner with dismal results…Sorry EPO
  • Tiny Tank and Trolley Stop take the gold on the Drag Race…Strong work!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!
-8penny out



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