OG Stallions Run the Corral

OG Stallions Run the Corral

Date: 6/22/18

Where: HMP


Pax:  Bath Salts, Bone Spur, Busted Grill, East, Last, Milton, Morpheus, Mr Doubtfire, Niles, One and Done, Pony Express, Special K, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Wreckit Ralph

16 pax found there way to the OG AO of HMP for a Friday beatdown.  HMP has endless amounts of possibilities.  We discovered a new one today.


SSH ic x 30

Cotton pickers IC x10

Imperial walkers ic x 20

Mosey to the horse corral.  It appears to get lots of use, but yhc has never ventured there during an F3 event.  Let’s try it to see how it goes.

The Thang – 

6 stations spread out around the outside of the corral.

Station 1- 40 step ups

Station 2- 30 dips

Station 3- 20 derkins

Station 4- 20 prisoner squats

Station 5- 40 shoulder shrugs

Station 6- 30 merkins.  

The pax divided into 2 eight man teams. 1/2 started at station 1.  1/2 started at station 3.

Completed station, run all the way around corral, then advance to next station.  Rinse and repeat until Q calls time.

Mosey to original parking lot.  Divide into 4 four man teams (sort of as Milton left early).

Shuttle race across parking lot.  Losing team got 10 burpees.  Everyone else 5.

That’s a wrap.


A friend of the pax has stage 4 colon cancer.  Prayers for him, family and docs.  YHC has an employee who lost a 2 month old grandson to sids the day before.  Prayers for him and his family.  I am sure there were amazing and inspiring comments and prayers, but YHC is brain farting.

Moleskin-  The rotating stations in a loop fashion seemed to work out well.  For young, hung-ho pax like One and Done, he could really bust it and really get after it.  While some who like to mumblechatter every once in a while (like Niles), could mosey and no one would even notice.  

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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