Blade’s 1st F3 Anniversary


AO: Battleship

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Bob the Builder, Bluegrass, Mr. Kotter, Snickers, Tombstone, Worldwide, Tea Party, Franks, Sweatervest, Gobbler (FNG), Fava Bean (Raleigh), SOA (Charleston), Fire Marshall Bill, Mr. T, Catamount, The Hoff, Daggerboard


One year ago, to the day, YHC made one of the better decisions a man can make, ring the 1st bell – post @ F3. I can truly say it was trial by fire, with Bob on the Q handing out a solid beatdown. Like most of our stories, I felt like I was going to die, but I didn’t, and the rest is history (some of it still to be written). YHC felt it fitting for today’s workout to be an (almost) exact replica of that same beatdown. Let’s do it!




Windmill x15IC



Carterico Indian run south on Water St to Nun St

Modified DORA

Partner 1 = Burpees x50 | Crabjacks x100 | Wall Climbers? x150

Partner 2 = Run to top of Nun St & back – flapjack

Carterico Indian Run back along Riverwalk – mosey from Market to flags

4 Corners around Cotton Exchange

#1 – Mountain Climber Merkins x10

#2 – Sweat Angels x20

#3 – Deadstop Merkins x30

#4 – Donkey Kicks x40



Flutter Kicks x50IC (The Hoff)


COT / Moleskin

Prayers for Bluegrass’ brother – fighting addiction, Bob’s employee – fighting addiction, FMB’s nephew & family – facing possible terminal diagnosis. Prayers for healing & direction for all affected.

See event calendar for chances to participate with Ainsley’s Angels.

GORUCK Tough & Light : August 10 – 11 – right here in Wilmington.

Kid’s Adventure Ruck : August 4 – Camp Rockfish (Fayetteville).

Get a NEW Cape Fear hat – see Slack for info and/or reach out to Snickers.



Here’s the rumination portion of the BB, only because of the auspicious circumstances of today. F3 has been a game changer for me in more ways than one. I know we all have our own #wasnow story, but this is a snippet of mine. Over the last year I’ve grown more as a man, husband, father, and leader than I could have ever imagined possible. The fitness part is really just a bonus at this point. The relationships that have been formed over the last year are unreal. The fact that I know I have HIM there to lock shields with when needed is huge. I know we all hear about and see Sad Clowns that are drifting around in life never knowing the true impact of brotherhood. The Hoff pointed it out in COT today, that he and I have only just recently gotten to know each other better (by way of the Heavy & some 2nd F). Despite that fact, I know that The Hoff, and all of the other PAX, stand at the ready to lock shields no matter what. I can truly say that in the last year, I have developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

When was the last time you were told by a male friend, or told a male friend “I love you”? For YHC, that was this morning. This is what brotherhood is. As Sad Clowns we thought it was fine to have superficial relationships with other guys, only ever talking about what amounted to bull shit. Now, with regular application of the DRP, we have and are continuing to forge bonds with other men that cut through that bull shit. Relationships where we’re able share about the good, bad, and the in between without fear.

I would challenge all of you to push hard, give maximum effort in all you do. You will get out of F3 more than you put in, but you must put in. Look around at the wealth of HIM we have in Cape Fear. Each of us have the opportunity to stand shoulder shoulder with men who are giants in many regards. Don’t waste that chance. If you’ve read this far in my ruminations, and this late BB, thanks. Thank you for being my support system, my brothers, my family. It truly is an honor and privilege to call all of you friends. I look forward to many more anniversaries!


Until next time…




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