Date: 6/22/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 9

THE PAX: The Hoff, The Mountie, Glass Joe, Tiny Tank, Tubbs, R-X, Tea Party, Merit Badge

Q: Chicken Noodle


– Cherry Pickers IC 4 count x10
– Windmills IC 4 count x10
– Imperial Walkers IC 4 count x10
– Calf Raises IC 4 count x10
Mosey to the pull up bars for…
CINDY – 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats as many rounds as possible for 20 minutes
It was during this time we started discussing the world cup. Glass Joe brought up a team he was watching that were so good but he couldn’t remember the country. We spent the next 12 minutes trying to figure out what country it was but no luck.
YHC did some detective work and found out it was BELGIUM all along!
There you have it pax. Belgium, the official team of Screaming Eagle!
Mosey to the basketball courts for…
FOUR CORNERS – LBCs, American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s, Crunchy Frog – x20 (four count) and lunge walk to each corner
Interval run back to the flag
Prayers for:
  • Mountie’s mother-in-law
  • Tubbs and all law enforcement
  • Those suffering throughout the country and world


What a great way to start the day and weekend!





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