A Decade of Speedy Gonzalez




Babyback, Worldwide, Kunckle Puck, Sunshine, Coffee Bean, Dino,  FNG (Eric Taylor) H.O.T aka Hold On Tight – ask him when you meet him, Sham Wow, 10 Count, Quatro, Peter Pan (Burger Feet’s buddy), Orpan from Carpex, Burgerfeet, Sooner, BTB, EOM and Speedy Gonzales

QIC: EOM & Speedy Gonzales


30 Side Straddle Hops IC


10 Burpee OYO

10 BBACs (Big Baby Arm Circles IC

(A Speedy Gonzales Original)10 Cheetah Mountain Climbers IC (low merkin hold, alternating knee to elbow touch)


Mosey to the Parking lot beside the Skate Park for Modified Suicides

run to 1st parking median – 10 Tuck jumps

back to start, then to 2nd parking median – 10 merkins

back to start, then to 3rd median – 10 burpees


Forward and Backward running rotation between speedy bumps to the first set of parking spaces at the baseball field

Escalator – Partner Up.

Partner #1 does World War II Situps until partner comes back from the following (cumulative 200 situps)

Partner #2 Runs to 1st corner – 10 Air Squats

2nd corner – 10 Air Squats, 20 Single Leg dips

3rd corner – 10 Air Squats, 20 Single Leg dips, 30 High plank                                                                      Shoulder taps

4th corner – 10 Air Squats, 20 Single Leg dips, 30 High plank                                                                      Shoulder taps, and 40 Overhead shoulder presses

Indian run back to COT with a Jail Break at the end


Ruth’s and Reflections

Prayer Requests,

BTB has a co-worker who’s wife has fallen back into drug addiction, stealing rent money to pay for her habit, he has moved out and has a court date for custody.. Pray as God leads you.

BamBam’s father is on the last leg of his journey here on earth.  Pray for him and his family

Praise/Prayer, Burgerfeet’s friend for Raleigh (Texas Pete) is out of short term rehab this week.  Looking forward to seeing him in the Raleigh gloom,  Pray for peace in his heart and mind

Shout out from Quatro – said that his brotherhood means so much to him, and he has really missed the motivation from all of us.  Hard to get motivated on your own he said. Glad to see you in the gloom my friend.

EOM and Speedy Gonzales out!





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