Red Alert!


# of PAX: 38
PAX: Quatro, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Niles, Captain Stubing, Timeout, Embezzler, Jiffy Pop, TI, Bootlegger, The Adjuster, Snickers, Milton, Special K, Speed Racer, Gerber, Spare Rib, Short Rib, 8-Penny, One and done, Tiny Dancer, LETC, Wapner, Seahorse, Cracker, The Rat, Venus, Five Hole, Trump, Sparky, Bob the Builder, Ball Bearing, Blade, Ugly Stick, Wreck It Ralph, Chop Shop, Baby Back, ATARI
CONDITIONS: That rare state in which it is warm before the sun comes up. Those magical pockets of time are meant for outdoor exercise.

Side Straddle Hop x25, Cotton Pickers x15, Merkins x10, Mountain Climbers x25
Follow the Leader Run: Side Shuffles, Backwards, high knees, heel-to-butt, Jailbreak

RED ALERT: When “Red Alert” sounded, all PAX had to race to “The Bridge” before the countdown ended. Failure to reach The Bridge in time resulted in 10 tuck jump burpees for all PAX. 2 Sets of 10 tuck jump burpees had to be performed.
15 Stations, 90 seconds at each with a partner:
1) Ball Squeeze Glute Lifts
2) Partner Wheel-Barrow Run
3) Weighted American Hammer
4) Arm Circles
5) Gorilla Run
6) Arse Burners
7) Tag (You’re it!)
8) Low bear crawl
9) Plyometric Skips
10) Partner Pushups
11) Suicide Drill
12) One Leg Hip Raises
13) Fast Feet (out out, in in)
14) Flutter Kicks (Impromptu PAX station)
15) LBCs (Impromptu PAX station)

Chaos is all around us. Even for this Q, we had to relocate the main workout because the original location did not have powered outlets (although it did have non-powered outlets). This resulted in a nonsensical order to the exercises, but that randomness lent itself to the theme of the Q which centered on an antagonistic being inserting mayhem into what would have otherwise been a normal workout.

But unlike the Q from Star Trek TNG, Jesus is not a malevolent or mischievous god. We are never promised that we will not experience turmoil, but we can trust that God has good intentions toward us and will be with us through everything. Keeping close to him, keeping in step with him, will give us the peace and foundation to weather whatever Red Alert situation may come our way.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Niles’ daughter, Victoria, leaves for South Korea on Saturday. She’ll be there all summer.
Chop Shop is starting his second job and his M will be home with 4 kids all day.

Welcome back, Quatro! Great to have you back in action today.
LETC encouraged a large AO, such as HMP, to branch out and start new AO’s.

Congrats to Stingray on capturing the Ghost Flag!



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