Trail Run

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 6-19-18

# of PAX: 11

PAX: Catamount, Chicken Noodle, EPO, Flight Nurse, Franks, Hooch, R-X, Sir Mix, Tiny Tank, Tombstone, Tubbs


Run over the bridge and meet up at the traffic light in front of Food Lion. Run around and under the bridge to the CB State Park track trail. Run trail until it hits the parking area and return.

YHC had 4.7 miles by my watch.


Strong work by all!

Strong work by EPO and Sir Mix for completing EC prior to the run!

Way to finish it out after the fall on the trail Franks!

Great job Chicken Noodle for setting a PR for 3 miles. Keep it up and you’ll kill the half!

Come on down to Iron Island on Saturday’s!

Prayer requests for Noodle’s sister who is in month 6 of her pregnancy.

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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