The UNCW Hills of Gloomidity

F3RunForestRun – UNCW

Date: 6/19/18

Where: M Lot UNCW


Pax:  Blade,  Dagger Board, Milton, Morpheus, Mr Kotter, Tiny Dancer

The gloom was not gloomy this am.  The sun was up.  Love this time of year.  But is was MOIST.  Everyone was warm before the warm up.  We did it anyway.


SSH ic x 20

Cotton pickers IC x10

Imperial walkers ic x 20

Mosey to the hills of Wilmington aka the parking deck, for:

The Thang – 

Run the ramp to the top BUT:

Alternate each straight away, run, backwards run, etc.

At each turn do 5 merkins, increasing by 5 until you reach the top.

10 count.

Run 4 corners, downstairs, across, upstairs, across etc until we are all back up top.

Flap jack the Run, backwards run, merkin routine to the bottom.

Flap jack the 4 corners.

Mary for the 6.

We moseyed to Chancellor’s walk.

Run 2 lamp posts, mosey 1.  Rinse and repeat until we reach the clock.

Indian run back to the flag.

3 rounds of Mary, with pax contributing to run out the clock.


Mr Kotter has some ideas on helping with baseball at Miracle Field.  Look to help.  Blade is continuing to help build our relationship with Ainsley’s Angels.  Strong work brother.  Prayers for our missing brothers.

Moleskin-  If you were wondering how cool Dagger Board is, check out his summertime ride.  Of course, Mr Kotter was riding shotgun, so that automatically bumps the cool meter.  Milton was moved to tanks from infantry after continuously alerting the enemy during security patrols with his heavy breathing.  Strong work in the gloomidity this am pax.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out


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