QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

Date: 6-18-2018

# of Pax 11

Pax: Tiny Tank, Chicken Noodle, EPO, RX, Tea Party, Tubbs, Hooch, Franks, Trolley Stop, Moab.

Before I even start we need to give a special shout-out to Tiny tanks M, without her it sounds like he might have fart sack to work out, and we wouldn’t have been graced with this wonderful presence!! Love ya !!


Warm up is nice and easy
  • 15 SSH  4count
  • 15 cotton Pickers 4 count
  •  15 Hillbillies 4 count

The Thang:

That is enough warm up, let’s go ahead and get this Q school started!!!
So instead of everyone being comfortable why I read the core principles and F3’s mission statement, I decided to get everybody in the plank position…. This really ensures I have their full attention and also ensures that they want me to stop talking as quickly as possible….. it works…
Afterwards I give a brief recap on what calling Cadence sounds like and we mosey over to speed bump alley to put into effect.
Once everyone makes the mosey over to the first speed bump, I hand out 3×5 index cards to individual packs making sure to give the packs that don’t call as much Cadence a few more…Each card is marked with specific exercises and amount to preform.
After we run into each individual speed bump we have separate packs call exercises and Cadence every single exercise is different… and it allows the PAX to hear themselves call Cadence and experience difficulties that come with it.
In between speed bumps, “as a break in exercise’s” I give pointers and tips on what makes a successful Q and what sets a good leader apart from one that might have some opportunities when leading a workout.
After we get done with every single speed bump and most of the 3 X 5 index cards we then mosey over to the pull up bars.
I count the PAX off in 3’s one set on the concrete, one set on the pull up bars, one set on the dip bars
This exercise is called “10’S”
Basically knocking out 10 Clean repetitions before moving on counterclockwise to the next station… I had a little extra credit built in to see if anybody might be able to do a couple muscle ups…. they are insane!
After knocking out 3 sets on each station we Mosey back to the flags where I give a strong recap On Q school and setting expectations for what we need to accomplish moving forward.
Strong work by everyone !! However I want to apologize to Tombstone specifically for giving you a hard time when you weren’t there to back yourself up love you brother!!!
Strong work by 3 PAX, Moab, Tea Party, And Tubbs that already signed up for their first VQ and put what we learned in to work!!
Prayers for men and women uniform and allowing us to fight the fart sack and take the daily red pill.
As always it’s a privilege lead!!


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