Just Run

Date: 06/19/2018

AO: Run Brunswick Forest Run

Q: Johnny Gage

Pax- Snickers, Dep. Dawg. Claven, Blue Grass, Baby Daddy.

The Thang:

YHC was thinking about a 5k time trial, but with a pull calf, YHC decided to just run for fun. Pax ran for 2.2. miles and ran back to the flag for 2.2 miles. It was that simple. Pax average pace, 9 minutes.


Snickers- you do age very well?!

Dep. Dawg- getting faster… and stronger

Claven- YHC’s wing man…

Baby Daddy- When you show up on time, you run with others. A pleasure to run with you this week.

Blue Grass- Great pace, keep it up!

Prayers for missionary workers, our health and the ability to work out when so many cannot.






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