The Adventurous Type!



QIC: YHC Thomas Sawyer, Esq.

PAX: Overbite, Jiffy Pop, One & Done, Milton, Dog Fight, Wreck-it-Ralph, Gerber, Atari, Mr. T. & Tom Sawyer

Conditions – Wet, Muggy, Gloomy and oh so perfect for a beat down……

The Warm Up:

20 Cotton Pickers – IC

20 Cross Country Skis – IC

20 Hillbillies – IC

20 Baby Arm Circles – IC


The Thang:

Sprint to speed bump and 5 burpees….sprint to next speed bump and same until last speed bump (5 total) then short mosey down to parking lot beside tennis court/playground.

Mary for the 6

  • hold plank for 1 minute and
  • other Mary waiting on the 6 (me!)

11’s – Up top are jump ups/step ups (1) on retaining wall and then down to the split rail fence for decline merkins (10)..Rinse & repeat until done…..mosey down to the tennis courts for….you guessed it…….

DORA 1-2-3

100 – Merkins – SC

200 – American Hammer – SC

300- LBC’s -SC

OYO…Pax 1 starts the DORA exercise & Pax 2 sprinted to aluminum bench (half way) for 10 dips then headed to tennis return wall for 5 donkey kicks and then sprints back to Pax 1 to take over, rinse & repeat until mission is accomplished.


-Freddie Mercury

-Baby Makers

-Oblique Crunches

Mosey back up to the tennis court parking lot for parking curb-2-parking curb partner relay x 3

Jail Break back to AO



Namerama & Counterama

Ainsley’s Angels event tomorrow at Blueberry Festival in Burgaw and for Blade’s heart for that ministry

Prayers Mr. T in his new role and new job out at UNCW!

Jiffy Pop’s M (Mallory) going in for text and further review of appt she found on her chests…prayers for peace and in the process.

One & Done’s M (Andrea) in weeks (3) leading up to their first child and for O&D being the man he has been called to be and leader in his family for his M and soon to be 2.0

YHC prayed us out

Honored to lead you fine men! TS




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