SE Friday

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 6-15-18

# of PAX: 29

PAX: 8Penny, The Adjuster, Ball Bearing, Bob The Builder, Chicken Noodle, Cracker, Crepe Face, Crosswalk, EPO, Foxtrot, Gravity, Glass Joe, Gold Digger (Greenville), Hoveround, LETC, Messi, Morpheus, The Mountie, Niles, Nomad, Pony Express, Tea Party, RX, Spare Rib, Tiny Tank, Tubbs, Ugly Stick, Venus, Zuckerberg

Warm Up:

20 x Burpees

Long mosey to the stadium and climb the fence.


Stadium 11s: The football stadium at SE has 6 sets of stairs on one side and 4 sets on the other, for 10 total sets. Pax perform 11s running each set of stairs between sets. Exercises are Burpees and Jump Squats. Perform 10 Burpees at the bottom of the first set of stairs, run to top hitting every step, perform 1 Jump Squat and run back to bottom hitting every step. Run to next set of stairs and continue until on 10th set of stairs 1 Burpee and 10 Jump Squats are completed. Run final quarter or track back to start and perform Mary until the six finishes.

Dora 1-2-3: Partner up and find your own set of stairs for 100 Merkins; 200 Flutter Kicks; 300 Squats. 1st partner exercises, 2nd partner runs to top of stairs and returns stopping 10 stairs from the bottom. Then bear crawl down last 10 stairs. Partners swap and continue until all exercise reps are complete.

Mosey to the pull up bars and do two sets until muscle failure.

Mosey back to flags for COT! On way back we stopped near the soccer fields to see which AO had the fastest pax. BTB edged out Gold Digger by a step to win the race. Other AOs owe Stingray 20 Burpees.


Strong work by all! If you’re not feeling it in your legs later, you are a beast!

The F3 Cape Fear Ghost Flag is heading to OGAO, who had 2 more pax present than The Stingrays.

Special thank you to Hooch for providing YHC with a key to the stadium! I’ll do my best to remember it next time so we do not have to climb the fence again!

It was a pleasure hosting Gold Digger from Greenville for the past week. Strong work posting 5 time in 5 days while vacationing at CB!

Cape Fear hats are in. See Venus, EPO or Snickers to get one before they are gone!

Start filling up the July Q calendar!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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