Blueberry Festival 5K

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AO: Blueberry Festival 5K w/ Ainsley’s Angels

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 5

PAX: Coffee Bean, Hoveround, Knuckle Puck, Bottom Line

To preface this BB, I want to point out the fact that the past 2 weeks have been jam packed with F3 happenings. If you haven’t been following along, those include:

  • 4th Anniversary Convergence featuring Hoff & Beauregard on the Q
  • 4th Anniversary 2nd F @ Sharks Baseball Game
  • Shakespeare on the Green (4 PAX + 7 2.0’s)
  • 4th Anniversary 2nd F #2 @ Wilmington Brewing
  • Board Meeting Launch
  • Blueberry Festival 5K

If you missed some or all of those, you missed a good time!

Plus this Thursday is YHC’s 1yr F3 Anniversary. I’m expecting a big crowd at Battleship!

TClaps to the 4 HIM who stepped up to #GiveItAway & joined YHC at the Blueberry Festival 5K. I know Burgaw is far for most of us and it was early, at least for a Saturday. Either way, it was truly an honor to lend our legs. It was especially cool to be able to push my buddy Chad in his first race!

Here’s what went down:

~0615 : Helped Ainsley’s Angels set up the chairs & info tent/booth

~0630 : Introduced Chad to everyone & apparently his new girlfriend Caroline

~0645 : Grab an Ainsley’s Angel shirt (Bottom Line was the odd PAX out in black)

~0650 : Line up for a team photo

~0700 : At the start line for a soft start / 2min lead on the pack

~0728 : Bottom Line & YHC cross the finish line with Chad

All in it was a great event, and a pleasure to get to run with Ainsley’s Angels. I encourage EVERYONE to take the time and lend your legs. There will be plenty of chances to run with Ainsley’s Angels in the coming months. Register with them as an Angel Runner, that way you get their emails outlining what’s going on & the races they’re attending. All of our PAX are 5K ready (they don’t care how fast you are) and completely capable of lending their legs.

Running with someone who truly can not run on their own is honor. It was especially cool for me since I was pushing my buddy Chad. Just to see his excitement while we were running & when we finished was next-level cool. His dad told me that he was amped the whole ride home & wouldn’t stop clanging his medals together :)!

Good times were had by ALL.

A few other takeaways / highlights:

  • Hoveround is sneaky fast. Placed 3rd in his age group & that’s after 6 weeks off with Shingles… And that dude knows EVERYONE…
  • It was great meeting Bottom Line, just need to get you posting M-F…
  • Coffee Bean & Knuckle Puck were moving. It was great to hang out with them for a bit. This Gorilla doesn’t see too many Stingrays regularly…
  • YHC was pushing Chad & his chair was named “Blade”. Coincidence? I think not.
  • YHC somehow managed a 5K PR… #whopusheswho

Keep an eye out for more opportunities to lend your legs, this won’t be the last time!

Until next time…



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