Board Meeting


AO: Board Meeting

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 8

PAX: Flounder, Seahorse, Mr. Kotter, Milli Vanilli, Daggerboard, Flight Nurse, Scut Monkey

Conditions: 75° | clear | 80° water | knee high & clean waves | incoming tide

Fresh on the heels of an incredible 4th Anniversary party, 8 PAX ventured into the “gloom” of Wrightsville Beach seeking to make the most of their summer.

Objective: successfully launch Board Meeting, F3 Cape Fear’s newest AO.


Stretch OYO on the sand waiting for stragglers

Wax yo’ stick

Paddle out… (except for Flounder, he decided to run north for a quick few miles)


The Thang

SURF… nothing more, nothing less

Mumblechatter was of course high & revolved around; floppy disks, kids out of school, catching up with Scut Monkey (Cape Fear pax from 1.5yrs ago, now living in CO), instructing Flight Nurse, “PARTY WAVE”, fish…

Despite lackluster conditions, all PAX were able to catch a few decent waves and get some solid 2nd F as well. According to my watch, we covered ~1.7 miles…


COT / Moleskin

Thanks for dropping in gentlemen! I know it was a hard ask getting you out for a surf, but thanks for the support!

If you’re interested in joining in & need a board to ride, just throw it out there on Slack. We had 2 extra boards today, so there’s plenty of room!

Scut Monkey wins longest commute, and fully happened upon the launch. He’s in town for a few days & hit YHC up for a surf, which was already on the agenda. WIN WIN

Don’t underestimate surfing as a workout. You’ll be surprised what muscles you work, especially those that you haven’t worked in a while. (it’s been too long since my last surf)

Flight Nurse dropped in on Daggerboard, Daggerboard dropped in on Jesus… It’s all fair, just yell “PARTY WAVE” next time.

COT while sitting in the lineup is awesome! We just need a GoPro to video it…

Don’t miss your chance at Board Meeting! We’re running through mid-September (until it’s too dark to get 1 hour in before 0630).

Objective Secured.


Until next time…




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