Ten at TurboTuesday

Date: 6/12/18
Where: Leland Municipal Park

Pax: 8Penny, AllAboutThatBass, BobTheBuilder, Cess Pool (Columbia, SC), Dagger Board, Hoveround, Mr Kotter, SweaterVest, Trump

Alright who LIFO’d? We had 11 when we started the Thang, then 10 in the Nameorama? Oh well, I hope they are not still on the loop.

This was my first post at TT. The committed pax to this AO are young and fast (hate), and YHC is not either. However, they signed me up for the Q, so here we go.

SSH ic x 20
Imperial walkers ic x 10

We needed to determine our individual paces, so we had a short sprint to the other side of parking lot. We had several sandbaggers, so it did not work as planned, however, we partnered up superhuman rabbits with normal human rabbits to do the Thang.

The Thang –
The fast rabbit takes a right and starts running the loop. His partner takes off in opposite direction running the loop. When they meet do 5 burpees, turn around run back, do 4. burpees etc. Continue until bell rings.
In theory, if both partners exert full effort both get a serious beatdown, and the fast rabbit runs a little further.
Most pax got in about 5 miles before the bell rang. No time for Mary.

Welcome to Cess Pool (F3Columbia) for finding us in the gloom. Hope to see you tomorrow. Tclaps to Hoveround on his return to the gloom. He has been suffering with the shingles, and yhc can tell you from personal experience, it really really hurts. Awesome to have you back. Tclaps to BtB on continuing to post after the birth of the 2.0. Life keeps going! Prayers for Claven and ChopShop on their adoption journey.

Moleskin- NOTICE- All About that Bass has posted TWICE this week! Something big must be coming. Thanks for letting me be the fast rabbit today partner. Flounder, my homeboy, fellow Carterican lives one mile from the AO. Arrives at 0531. That takes skill.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. This is a sweet AO.  I plan on making it more often.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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