Speed is the Word

Date: 06/12/18

AO: Run Brunswick Forest Run

Q: Johnny Gage

Pax: Snickers, Dep. Dawg, Cover Charge, Baby Daddy


The Thang:

3 Pax joined YHC for some speed intervals at Run Brunswick Forest Run. Baby Daddy missed the train; but that’s ok, BD got in 4 miles while the rest of the Pax moseyed down to the Veterinary Office to start our morning. At 80% max, run to first cone, drop back to 50% max, rinse repeat for 4 cones x 5. We threw in a mix of High Knees, Karaoke, Backward trots, and 100% max sprints. Pax cooled down by jogging to PCJ and back. I think the Pax got their monies worth, strong work!


Snickers: should have named you Speed Demon

Dep. Dawg: sticking with it, every week.

Cover Charge: you will be ready for the Spartan Race, no doubt about that. Strong work!

Baby Daddy: Even though you missed the train, you still got it in, way to go!

This was our third week at Run Brunswick Forest Run, each one of us is getting stronger/faster. With certainty, we will get 5 miles in 45 minutes on July 31. Keep posting and stay motived!

Prays for our first responders and the military and F3.

Blessed and privilege to lead- Gage out!




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