Tabata Leland Style


Date: 6/11/18
Where: Leland Municipal Park

Pax: Balthazar, Beretta, Brady, Claven, Deputy Dawg, Over Charge, Pathfinder, Red Card, and Snickers.

The Leland pax rolled in with lots of metal, sand, and flags. The gloomidity was high. The enthusiasm was higher. Let’s get it on.

SSH ic x 20
Imperial walkers ic x 20

The Thang – The tabata- 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, 4 sets
KB swings
Sandbag squats
Squat presses
Sandbag Step ups
Upright rows
V ups
Sandbag carry (to tree line and back until time to switch to next routine.

Final Round of Tabata- BURPEES!

Mary – LBCs IC x 30
Brady led us in Boxcutters IC x 20

Claven and his M just got approval on the adoption of a little boy. Welcome to the family Matthew Everette. Expect to see you out here this week. Prayers for Dept Dawg and the start of his new job. Prayers for Leland’s continued growth. We have some real HIMs here. They will have an impact.

Moleskin- Thanks for the queuing of the timer Brady. Wouldn’t be finished without you. Sign up to do a CSAUP. Sasquatch in Greenville is a good place to start.

@F3BrunwickDRW is a twitter feed we should ping when we launch Southport.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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