Stingray Back blast


30 Moroccan night club IC


30 Mountain climbers

The Thing:

This morning we Indian ran to the ball field and started at home plate and preformed 10 merkins. Then lunge to first base then do 20 LBCs, frog jump to 2nd base, 10 merkins, bear crawl to 3rd base 20 LBCs, crab walk to home do this 3 times. Indian run back to AO and finish with burp and merk. 1 burpee with 1 pushup, 2 burpees with 2 pushups 3 burpees with 3 pushups…. up to 10 then back down, followed by some tracers to finish out the morning.

The Pax:  6 pax, Bob The Builder, Yankee, All about that bass, Ballbearing, Sooner, Chop Shop.




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