On a Wing and a Prayer – F3CapeFear 4th Anniversary Celebration Post

Date: 6/7/2018

AO: Battleship

Q: Hoff

Pax: 8-penny, Chicken Noodle, Casey Jones (FNG), Ugly Stik, Blade, Venus, Trump, Deputy Dawg, Tubbs, RX, Niles, EPO, Tombstone, Milli Vanilli, Kotter, Mr. T, Pony Express, Flounder, Mayhem, Sweater Vest, Money Gun, Dagger Board, Heisenberg, Tiny Dancer, Parrot Head, Catamount, Morpheus, Boguey, Sparky, Tiny Tank, Mini Me, Crosswalk, LETC, Sir Mix, Flight Nurse, Snickers, Beauregard

“On a Wing and a Prayer” about says it all. With Beauregard in hand and YHC in rare sartorial form (collared shirt, vest and ascot), the plan was to execute pearls on a string, with a few parkour segments sprinkled in. Admittedly, the size of the group was a little overwhelming and YHC wondered how he’d keep everyone together, but he figured there was sufficient leadership in the Pax that if we became separated, another man would take charge. So off we went, up the bluff that is downtown ILM, for some grinding PT paired with intense cardio bursts.



Windmill 1×20
Monkey Humpers 1×20

Mosey up Walnut Street and, in between city blocks with a short parkour interval at the old LEC, perform the following along the way:

Merkins, 1×20
Plank, 60 secs.
Dips, 1×20
Wall Climb at public library
Handstand push-ups 1×10
Bend & Reach 1×20
Rear lunge 1×20
High Jumper 1×20
Flutter Kicks 1×30
Mtn. Climbers 1×30
People’s Chair
Fireman’s Carry ¼ city block each man
Squats 1×25
Burpees 1×10

Stop for group photo at Riverwalk. Mosey back to AO.


Prayers for continued strengthening of the Pax
Prayers for Fire, Police, EMS, Military
Prayers for Glass Joe family and friends
Welcome FNG Casey Jones
Thank you for the moment of silence Milli Vanilli


As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of F3Cape Fear, it’s only natural to think back on all we’ve accomplished and the close bonds forged. If you’re a relative new guy and you ask one of the OGs to remember what those first workouts looked like, you will likely get a wide variety of answers: Some guys saw a challenge; some saw a bunch of dudes in the park, and some, well, didn’t know what they were seeing. For most, it was so unlike anything they’d ever experienced. And that you were doing it with guys you barely knew – but would soon know much better in 45 short minutes than most of your lifelong friends – made it all the more mysterious. How could something like this happen?

There was, I remember, a sort of natural “sizing up” between guys. Because, well, that’s what generally happens when guys gather. And YHC was no different.

But gradually over weeks and months, something special began to happen: You started coming more for the guys than the workout. Suddenly, the number of merkins you could do didn’t matter as much as knowing something about the man next to you – his joy, pain and sorrow. Even more, you started coming because you didn’t want him there all alone in the dark. Around town and throughout the region, when you’d see an F3 brother, you wouldn’t have to explain, for there was mutual understanding, support and a kind listening ear.

So fast forward to the present. Without a doubt, all of us can say we are better men because of F3. We are better dads, professionals, brothers, husbands, fathers, friends and men of spirit and God. We engage, communicate, lead, encourage, listen, assist and help our communities, families and each other. This is the urgency of what we pass on to other men; this is the gift of F3.

Happy 4th F3CapeFear! WHO’S MOTIVATED?!?



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