It’s no secret ambition bites the nails of success



# of PAX: 24 Pax

PAX: Babyback, Gravity, Morpheus, AWOL, Seahorse, ATARI, Time Out, Wapner, Tiny Dancer, Flight Nurse, Shamwow, The Adjuster, Harvard, Square Root, Tom Sawyer, Pony Express, Milton, Kung Fu Panda, Mr. T, Brush Fire (FNG), TI (FNG), Special K (FNG), Gerber (FNG), Jiffy Pop

QIC: Jiffy Pop (VQ)


SSH x 20

Windmill x 20

Morracan Night Club x 20

Mosey a Lap around the grass Island (near AO)

The Thang

Parking Spot Stations at AO


Jump Squats

Dive Bombs

Run a Lap

Kettle Swings

Goblet Squats

Tricep Extensions

Run a Lap

Shoulder Press


American Hammer

Run a Lap




Run a Lap

Upright Rows

V-Ups (with coupon)

Dead LIft

Run a Lap


In & Outs : 20

Hip Rock and Raise : 20


COT / Moleskin:

The Gloom this morning was steamy and the metal heavy!  Perhaps it was too much running, but no pain no gain!

Announcements: Blueberry fest 5 K with Ainsley’s Angels June 16th,

Prayers: Wapner’s friend Sammy (nerve issues), Kung Fu Panda’s friends Pete and Matt having a tough time, BabyBack respite foster baby and sister need a foster home.

Thank you to all who came out to support my VQ!

Shoutouts: to Babyback, Shamwow, & AWOL from Stingray!  Welcome back Time Out.

It has been a privilege to lead you men this morning.

~Jiffy Pop


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