Waterborne operations at Iron Island

Where    Iron Island Carolina beach

When      June 9, 2018

QIC           EPO

Pax           8-Penny, Sloppy Joe, Johnny Gage, Pony Express, Happy Gilmore, The Mountie, Tiny Tank, Flamer,  Tater tot (Durham), Redrocks, Goldie locks, RX, and Mr Miyagi

The morning started with an extra credit run at 6 AM. Participants included eight penny, sloppy Joe, Johnny Gage, pony express, and YHC.  After a slow start (Sorry 8-penny’s) trying to create some Strava Art the run took off. Mileage covered varied from 3 to 6+ miles.

Tater tot, from Durham, showed up and did a 20 minute extra credit ruck before the work out.

Now it’s time for the iron island beat down.  This workout was designed to conduct waterborne operations. Given the heat and humidity it was best to utilize our natural surroundings to our benefit.

We start by moseying to the back of Carolina Beach elementary school. We circle up and start with 50 side straddle hops. Next is 25 cherrt pickers. Follow that with 25 Merkins. Finish up the warm-up with 25 hillbillies.

Next up is pearls on a string all the way to the beach. This is approximately 3/4 of a mile. We stop at each intersecting street and do a round of exercises.

25 Merkind then proceed to the next street. 25 copperhead squats. Proceed to the next street 25 flutter kicks. Plank it out one minute. Continue to mosey next street 25 Mountain climbers. Mosey to the next street 25 wide arm push-ups.  At the next intersection we do 25 hello dollies. Continue to mosey over Lake Park Boulevard and down onto the beach. Plank it out to wait for the six.

I want to give a big shout out to happy Gilmore. Recovering from recent hernia surgery but continues to show up and try to regain his fitness. He never complains and just continues to push on. Clearly a high impact man.

Next up is 10 surfees.  Oh hell yeah this is got to be one of my favorite exercises. The water was a little churned up and we did have some good crashing waves. This reminded me of the GoRuck heavy. Glad I didn’t have my snorkel.

For the next operation, we ran across the beach to the garbage cans and then made a right and ran until the next garbage can at which time he would make a right and return to the server. You would do 3 surfee’s and then repeat this action all the way down the beach.

We continued this operation for approximately 1 mile. We then circled up and playing in the surf. Next up was 25 flutter kicks in the crashing waves.  It is so easy to do flutter kicks on the ground but adding in the crashing waves adds an awesome element to the exercise. Remember keep your eyes and mouth closed.

Next exercise will be the mountain climber. We do 25 repetitions in the crashing surf.  Next plank for one minute. We then lurge walk for a quarter-mile down the beach. At which time we get back in the surf and perform hello Dolly’s times 25. Then flip over and do 20 wide arm Merkins.  Now everyone gets in the water knee-deep and we mosey back to our starting point on the beach.

We get in the water and do 25 jump squats. Back into the surf and do 25 little baby crunches.  Everyone gets in the water rinses off and assembles on the street.

We start moseying back to the flag. We stop at every other intersection and perform 20 Merkens, 20 flutter kicks, 20 squats.

Circle up in front of the school and do 25 American hammers.


Prayers for a friend of Goldilocks who recently passed, coworker of the mountain, and for men and women of the military/law-enforcement and first responders.

July 28 Sasquatch get involved.

Next Thursday, June 14, will be the four-year anniversary celebration of F3 cape fear. We will meet at Wilmington  brewing Company at 6:30.

Please review the Q calendar and signed up for a Q in July. There will be an upcoming Q school at screaming eagle.

The ghost flag loves the beach.


Mountie, I did not realize you have such tender feet. Next time put your shoes on.

8-penny I’m sorry I can’t run six minute miles. I’ll try to pair you up with a faster extra credit group next time.

Pony express I’m sorry you got paired up with 8-penny.

Happy Gilmore, just keep pushing brother.

Where in the hell Sir Mix-A-Lot?

That F3 Strava Art didn’t work out so well. I’ll get it figured out.

It was great to have tater tot, from Durham, join us for a workout today.

It was great to see our numbers increasing. And as always thank you for letting me lead.

EPO out



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