Divide and Conquer



QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Hahvahd, Tiny Dancer, Embezzler, 8 Penny, Wreck-it-Ralph, Doubtfire, Minecraft, Square Root, Bath Salts, Niles, McFly, The Adjuster, Captain Stubing, Mr. T, Tom Sawyer, Atari, Dixie Chick

Being this was my last Friday post @ HMP for a while (Board Meeting launches 06/15), YHC decided to do a little something different & even impart a little Heavy wisdom.



Windmill x15IC

SSH x20IC (apparently YHC forgot how to speak/count during SSHs)

Cotton Pickers x15IC


The Thang

Divide into 3 teams & receive assignments / waypoints for our tour of HMP.

3 stops on the tour, consisting of;

Splash Pad

Sprint to Picnic Table (~50yds)

Step Ups x10 each leg

Sprint back to start

Sumo Squat x20

Sprint to table

Incline Merkins x10

Sprint to start

Derkins x10


Pull Up Bars

Pull Ups x10

Dips x15

Merkins x20

Down to GPI – Bear Crawl bridge

One Leg Squats (on GPI wall) x10 each leg


Rock Pile (adjacent to Basketball Court & Baseball Field)

Pick 2 rocks

Flies x10

Tri Extensions x10

American Hammer x15

Up to Basketball Court – Bear Crawl full court

Get Ups x5


Each team was given a list of the waypoints and prescribed exercises at each. Each team progressed through the waypoints in different order.

If any team(s) met, both performed:

Hi-Ten Burpees x3 (burpee w/ double hi-five at top w/ a partner)


Mosey to playground when complete.


Lessons from F3 GRC Heavy 005

All PAX assemble at playground to complete mission;

Get all 18 PAX up & over the high walkway of the playground without touching any RED portions of the structure & staying within the area of the walkway.


Successfully got all 18 (well actually 17. Hahvahd chose to Bear Crawl up the long way, but who argues with Hahvahd?) up and over with ease. Total time to complete was ~4 mins.

Head to the flags for MARY


Heels to Heaven x20IC (Tiny Dancer)

Crunchy Frogs x25IC (8 Penny)


COT /  Moleskin

Thursday 06/14 – F3 Cape Fear 4th Anniversary 2nd F – 1830 @ Wilmington Brewing

Blueberry Festival 5K – 06/16 – Burgaw. Join in on partnering with Ainsley’s Angels!

LETC & Morpheus have 2.0’s receiving Eagle Scout. Ceremony 06/10 – 1300 @ First Baptist.

Jiffy Pop has his VQ Monday 06/11 & Atari has his VQ 06/20!

Come surf with YHC on Friday’s starting 06/15 – Board Meeting – Crystal Pier – 0530!


Thanks for the privilege of leading!


Until next time…








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