Let’s PAIN’t Some Fences



QIC: YHC Tom Sawyer

PAX: (18) Blade, Seahorse, LETC (R), Bath Salts, Minecraft (R), Dixie Chick, Rocky Top, Haavaad (R), Pennywise, Mayhem, Pony Express, Capt. Stubing, Bootlegger, Wreck-It-Ralph (R), Gravity, Mr. T., Niles (R) & Tom Sawyer (R)

Awesome morning for a fresh coat of PAIN’t!

The Warm Up:

20 Cotton Pickers – IC

20 Cross Country Skis – IC

50 Baby Arm Circles – IC

20 Side Straddle Hop – IC

The Thang:

Indian Run, 2 lines of 9, from AO up to main entrance of HMP off College Rd.

Speed Bump Burpees – OYO

1st bump – 2 burpees; 2nd bump – 4 burpees; 3rd bump – 6 burpees; 4th bump – 8 burpees & 5th bump – 10 burpees

Mary – Hold High plank for 1 minute

Slow mosey to tennis courts for some Dora 1.5, 2.5 & 3.5

150 – Merkins SC

250 – American Hammer SC

350 – LBC’s SC

OYO…Pax 1 starts the DORA exercise & Pax 2 sprints to aluminum bench (half way) for 10 dips then heads to tennis ball hitting wall for 5 donkey kicks. Then sprints back to Pax 1 to take over, rinse & repeat.

Mary- Freddie Mercury

Partner sprint around tennis courts while dodging tennis balls from the Pax who were waiting their turn to sprint while holding peoples chair on fence. NOTE: What a treat it was to watch LETC & Pony Express push each other…WOW. Also, watch out for Niles as well…way to hold him off at the end Dixie Chick.

Slow Mosey to AO parking

Team relay sprints – (2) teams of 4 & (2) teams of 5.  Sprint relays from parking spot tire curb to the pother side parking spot tire curb…multiple relays.  NOTE: Mayhem is really fast!

Slide to the left to the AO at 6:15




Prayers for high school kids graduating and the summer that is ahead of them, moms & dads getting ready to graduate their kiddos, Pennywise’s injury sustained during workout, Also, for other prayers and concerns not mentioned as well.  Praises for LETC’s (Huckleberry Finn) and Morpheous’ (Messi) 2.0’s for attaining their Eagle Scout and the ceremony will be 6/10/18 (Sun.) at 1pm at First Baptist Church downtown on Market Street.  Reminder of F2 tomorrow night at Wilmington Sharks baseball game at Buck Hardee Field down at Legion Stadium in honor of 4th year (6/7/14) of F3 in Wilmington!

YHC Prayed us out

Honored to lead you HIM’s! TS




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