Birthday Run Q & Lost Ruckers, Almost

Date: 6/5/18

AO: UNCW (RunForestRuck)

QIC: Sparky(Run), Blade(Ruck)

# of PAX – 11

PAX Run – Omar, Morpheus, Daggerboard, Heisenberg, Money Gun, Sweatervest, Tenenbaum, Captstubing      Ruck – Tom Sawyer (R), Blade


Gave normal disclosure, and thanks for coming out to support my birthday Q


Imperial Walkers X 15 IC

Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Cotton Pickers X 7 IC

(I think the total of 57 was reached)

The Thang:

Mosey to Chancellor’s Walk

Beep Test/Highlander

  • Explained what the test would consist of
  • Once you fail to complete do ab exercises OYO until all have tapped out of the test

Great job by everyone today!  Best I recall there was only one of the PAX that had done the test before, I know it was a first for me.  The link below will show you the test norms and rating if you are interested to see where you’re at.

Moving on…

PAX to Sprint 3 lights

Run Backward 1 light, then do:

  • 10 Merkin
  • 10 Squats

Rinse and Repeat until at the end of Chancellor’s Walk

Once everyone completed

Mosey back to the start then on to the Amphitheater

Run Stairs at Amphitheater

Down/up, Down up

Indian Run back to AO

While waiting on the Ruckers


Protractor and Copperhead squats


# of PAX: 2
QIC : Blade
PAX : Tom Sawyer

The Thang : 
Miles, smiles, & ruckership were the goals today. Plus exploring some uncharted territory. YHC & TS covered ~2.5 miles, discussed critical topics like; kids getting out of school, bicycle crashes, workers comp insurance, and paintball.
I’ve been wanting to explore the trails directly behind Lot M & today presented the opportunity as it was finally light enough to see. YHC & TS wandered for a bit, cleared away a tom of spider webs, found the pond, and ended up on the opposite side from where we entered. We weren’t so much lost, as we were exploring!
All in all, never a bad way to spend your morning!


  • Thanks for celebrating my birthday Q
  • Welcome back Captstubing
  • Sign up for the Blueberry Festival 5K. See @blade for more details


Thanks for allowing me to lead…


Sparky out




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