Date: 6/6/18

AO: Stingray


# of PAX: 21

PAX: BamBam, SpinDoctor, Tenenbaum, Sooner, Blue Steel, Babyback, Tank, 8 Penny, Coffee Bean, Knucklepuck, EOM, Trump, Embezzler, Jiffy Pop, Atari, Sparky, Ball Bearing, Chopshop, FNG, Flea, OTC


SSH x 30 IC, Imperial Walker x 30 IC, Cotton picker x 30 IC, Copperhead merkins x 15 IC, Alabama ass kicker x 30 IC; rinse and repeat (except YHC could only do 10 merkins second round)

PAX then form two lines and Indian run to the baseball field concession stand


Partner up in twos and complete circuit:

200 step ups, 200 incline merkins, 200 split jacks, and 200 dips

While partner does exercise, other runs to median in baseball field parking

Time was called at 0610 with not all groups completing required reps

PAX then formed two loose lines and Indian ran back to COT. YHC is proud of the group in the six sticking together


Welcome AWOL to the F3 tribe, stick with it brother!

8 Penny told the PAX that tomorrow is F3 Cape Fear 4 year anniversary, celebration to be next thursday TBA

Sparky had to leave, but Babyback reminded us about Ruth’s and Reflections friday morning and asked if anyone wished to share

Knucklepuck reminded the PAX that it’s the anniversary of D-day and to pray for all military personnel and their families

Prayers are asked by SpinDoctor for the families of 2 children with terminal illnesses

Prayers for BamBam’s father in ICU

Prayers for Chopshop’s ongoing adoption process and the hearing tomorrow, congratulations on his 15 year anniversary, good luck with the new job that will keep him away from home in the evenings, and prayers for his M home alone with four children (sounds like you are living life to the fullest CS!)

It was a pleasure to lead these men of F3 through the gloom!



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