Hard Launch W/ Extra Credit!

Date: 6/5/2018

Q: Johnny Gage

Pax: Snickers, 90120, Cover Charge, Dep. Dawg, Claven, Gyro Guy

The Thang:

Today was LA’s hard launch at Run Brunswick Forest Run. Flag was planted and off we go! The plan was to run 1 mile, stopping and wait on the six. YHC’s second day on the job and I lost a runner, sorry Cover Charge! We rinsed & repeat for 4 miles minus losing another runner.  Dips, planks, and LBCs OYO while waiting on the six.  The pax wanted extra mileage, so we did another .6. The extra credit put us at a hard stop at 0625. Or, maybe YHC didn’t pre-plan the route/timing !?


Cover Charge: strong work brother! The muscle memory (breathing) will resurface, stay.

Dep. Dawg: your an animal! good luck with the outcome of your recent job interview.

91210: convenient that you live in Brunswick forest, that explains why you ran to the AO versus driving, strong work!

Claven: No doubt your a runner, keeping it real.

Gyro Guy: loving the enthusiasm, its contagious!

Snickers: Thanks for all the encouragement and leadership.

Prayers for Nomad and his family, and our health.

An honor and privilege

-Gage out!





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