Orange Cones, Playground and Pond

Date:  June 4, 2018


# of PAX:  12

PAX:  Pony Express, Penny-wise, Dixie Chick, Jiffy Pop, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Flounder, Atari, Seahorse, THE Adjuster, Gravity

QIC:  Morpheus

WARM-UP:  SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 15

Cotton Picker x 15

THE THANG:  Mosey with kettle bell to lower parking lot.  Enjoy the 90’s bands Gravity found on Spotify.

Orange cones labelled with exercises of :

Push-up Lifts x 10 ea

Triceps Ext x 25

V-ups x 20

Man-maker Merkins x 10 ea

American Hammer x 20

Burpees x 10

Standing Kettle Bell raises x 20

Upright Rows x 20

Kettle Bell Swings x 30

Head to Playground for Instructions list of:

Pull-ups x 5

Donkey Kick on swing x 20

Dips x 10

Mahktar N’Diaye x 20 (loss of elbow skin optional)

Wall Jumps/Step-up x 10

Rinse and repeat orange cones and playground AMAC.

Mosey to Retention Pond and Circle up for:

Two at a time race around pond.

PAX performs called Mary until runners return.  E.g., flutter kicks, Hello Dolly, Freddy Mercury, Broadway Push ups (nice leg kick addition THE Adjuster), SSH, etc.,

Mosey back to AO for:

COT/MOLESKINZ:  Way to put in work PAX on a nice but warm morning!  This Thursday, June 7 is F3 Cape Fear four year anniversary.  Hope to see PAX at Legion Stadium for Sharks baseball game and dollar beer night this Thursday evening.  Prayers for those mentioned in the COT and those close to us.

It is an honor and a privilege.

– Morpheus




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