Crosswalk Saves the Day (Without knowing or meaning to)

Date: 5/31/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Hooch, Donut, Franks, ROCKET…(queen), Rx, Catamount, Tombstone, and Flight Nurse

Q: Trolly Stop


Side Straddle Hop x 25

Hindu Merkin x 20 (Oyo)

Standing on our right legs, we performed the following circuit on a 4 beat count:

• 8 x Arm Curls

• 8 x Overhead Punches

• 4 x Touch the Ground on left side then raise hands over head on right side

• 4 x Touch the Ground on right side then raise hands over head on left side

• 8 x Touch the Ground in front then raise hands over head

• 8 x Fist Pumps simulating running in place

Repeat on left leg

Hindu Squats x 50 (Oyo)

Mosey over to the street with all the speed bumps and light posts.


Here, we partnered up with someone of approximately the same stature and became human coupons for one another. The assignment was to fireman’s carry your partner over to the next speed bump and then switch.

Next, we moseyed over to F3 Cinderblock Alley. Here, we grabbed a block and circled up.

  • 10 burpees and 10 goblet squats x 5.

Following this, we moseyed over to Murray Middle and grabbed some real estate against a wall.

  • Balls-to-the-Wall for 90 seconds before walking down to a parallel position and holding that for 30 seconds.
  • 3 minute punching drill (alternating movements every 30 seconds: straight punches, butterflies, wing flaps, overhead punches, tricep extensions, straight arm holds with slight up and down movements) all as fast as possible.

At this point we moseyed back to our cinderblocks and played the most fun game in the world as we put them away. That’s right…


From here we moseyed back to the flags.


Once again, YHC didn’t realize that I was Qing until I was sitting on the pot this morning. Crosswalk’s reminder really came through in the pinch. Perhaps it was me, but it seemed a little humid out there this morning. Regardless, we persevered.  Rx is leading Holy Bagels tomorrow. We sent some positive energy to Busted Grill and his wife as Flight Nurse (and his amazing stache) took us out.  It’s truly a pleasure to lead, gentlemen.

Peace, Love, and Get those Chests to the Ground,

–Trolly Stop




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