The Dirty Mac What?

Date: 5/30/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 14

THE PAX: Nomad, EPO, Red Rocks (from Charlotte), R-X, Hooch, Baby Back, FNG Happy Cat, 8-Penny, Short Rib, Donut, FNG Jester, Tombstone, Crosswalk

Q: Chicken Noodle


20 SSH x20

Head to the soccer field for…..
The DirtyMacDeuce – 4 sets of 3 exercises. Each set contains a chest, leg and core exercise and is completed all at once. Each exercise contains 12 reps with a 4 count all In Cadence. After 1 set is complete, pax take a lap around entire soccer field and move on to next set.
1st Set – 12 Burpees (oyo), Squats, Hello Dolly’s (horizontal flutter kicks)
2nd Set – Diamond Merkins, imperial walkers, LBCs
3rd Set – Merkins, Copperhead squats (slow squat down up on 4 count), crunchy frog
4th Set – Carolina Dry Docks, Hillbillies, American Hammers
Modified Devin Hesters: PAX partner up with someone as a similar speed at soccer goal. Partner 1 lines up 10 yards in front of partner two and sits down. On go partner 2 tries to chase down partner one to the other soccer goal. Do this four times total – last two times done backpedaling
 Mosey to the shelter for some step-ups and decline Merkins (max out on these)
Mosey back to the flag for….
Modified Wave of Merkins – all pax hold plank while each pax does five merkins around the circle
 Grateful to have the Q! Welcome Happy Cat and Jester – we’re glad you joined us! T-claps to Donut and Tombstone for the EH. Also, glad to have Red Rocks visiting. It was great spending time with you!


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