Bday Q at HMP

QIC:  Morpheus

# of PAX:  24  (2 FNG, Beignet and Bootlegger)

PAX: Beignet, LETC, Ugly Stick, Wreck It Ralph, Tom Sawyer, Bootlegger, Fire Marshall Bill, Pony Express, Messi, Tiny Dancer, Blade, Hahvad, Gravity, Band Aid, Flight Nurse, Mayhem, Wax Off, Mr. Kotter, Mr. T, Seahorse, Sir Mix A lot, Pennywise, Sweet Belay

THE WARM-UP:  Good morning (slightly modified); SSH in cadence x25; Inchworms x10; Burpees x 10

THE THANG:  Mosey to lower parking lot for a “box of chocolates” (credit Forrest Gump).  9 orange cones stacked in center of lot with an exercise written on each.  PAX run down hill to fence at pond and back.  1st PAX to cone stack plays Vanna White by lifting cone on top and announcing the prescribed exercise and number of reps.  PAX does the exercise, then runs to pond fence and back a stated number of times (i.e., once, twice, etc.), then next cone is lifted and exercise performed by circle of PAX.  Exercises were:

Mtn Climber x25

Diamond Merkin x10

American Hammer in cadence x20

Spider Merkin x10

V-ups x 20

Man-maker Merkin – 5 ea side

Lunges in cadence – 10 ea leg

Burpee x 10

Merkin x 10.

Number of laps down and back before each exercise were:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 2, 1, 2 (23 total laps [not single count, Seahorse]).

Count off by threes and into teams for relay race to far cones and back of bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk.  Winning team allowed to recover, second place got flutter kicks and last team got bonus lap to fence and back.  In F3 fashion, winners either ran or fluttered.

Mosey to tennis court for peoples chair and two go at a time sprint races around tennis courts.  Great push by Sir Mix A lot, Mr. Kotter, Ugly Stick, Seahorse, Flight Nurse and Messi!

COT:  Mosey to AO for circle of trust.

Welcome Beignet (Will Champagne) and Bootlegger (Al Butler)!  Look forward to seeing you in the gloom.

Prayers for F3, Hahvad’s 94 y/o mother-in-law who fell recently and his family, Topsail HS students and kids everywhere to find meaning other than violence.

It was warm and humid.  Maybe more sweat afterwards than during the workout, which is saying something.  Tip – bring a dry shirt to the gloom this summer.

Thanks for joining me for this Bday Q.  Great way to start a new decade.

Great work all!

It is an honor and a privilege.






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