Back blast 5/30/18


Toy soldiers 20 IC

5 Left leg burpees oyo

5 right leg burpees oyo

Mountain climbers 20 IC

10 burpees oyo

The Thang:

Indian run around soccer field with ruck sack to the parking lot before the skate park, played “Flower” by Moby and preformed merkins every time you here “bring sally up”. Then preform the Bruce Lee exercise, 1 hammer, 2 leg raise, 3 LBC, 4 heel touches, 5 crunchy frog, 6 100’s, 20 times each for 3 reps. then ran to the pullup bars and did some DORA, 50 pullups, 100 squats, 150 merkins.

The Pax: EOM, Dino, Knuckle puck, Yankee, OTC, Sparky, Bam Bam, Ballbearing, Bogey, Tank, Atari, Flounder, Spin Doctor, Chop Shop. 14 total Pax.



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