Soft Launch

Date: 05/29/2018

8 Pax: Rabbit, Snickers, 90210, Man Hands, Brady, Deputy Dawg, Claven

Q: Johnny Gage


F3 Cape Fear runs on the other side of the river! WHAAAAT!  8 pax came out to join YHC for the soft launch of  Run Brunswick Forest Run at Leland’s beautiful community of Brunswick Forest.

Stretch OYO for 1 minute…

Off and running for 5 minutes, alarm goes off, walk for 1 minute; rinse repeat for 4.45 miles. Clock strikes 0615, we are done! Man, time goes by quickly when everyone is having fun.


Over the next 6-7 weeks, we will run 5 miles in 42 minutes. Stick with it!

Prayers for our health and safety.

Humbled! Honored! Blessed in being able to lead the workout this morning, thank you!

Gage out!






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