Post Mem Day TT

Q: The Ratt
AO: Turbo Tuesday at WB
Date: 5/29/18
# of PAX: 4
PAX: BTB, Hotwheels & 8Penny

Warm-up: Cotton Pickers & Windmills

The Thang: Only 4 PAX post Memorial Day Murphy, two who did and two who did not. Run around the loop towards the bridge. Stop 1/4 way and do 30 SSH & 15 Slow Merkins. Another 1/4 stop and do 30 Seal Claps & 15 Slow Merkins. Run to Mercers.

From Mercers, up and down the accesses with doing the following at each access & starting with one burpee:

  • Bobby Hurleys x25
  • Wide Arm Merkins X25
  • Jump Squats X25
  • American Hammers X25

Each time add one more burpee.

Moleskin: What a humid morning, I don’t anyone was really feeling it this morning. I think we did close to 4 miles. A couple of us stayed up late watched a bad game 7 and warriors win, and a better game 1 of the Stanley Cup with Vegas taking the win. Glad to have Hotwheels with us – and BTB is getting amped for the baby. The Workshop treated us well too – I think that is really the reason each of us got up this morning. I know Zuckerberg was missed this AM.

Over & out.

The Ratt


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