Official Start to Summer at BAYWATCH

Date 5/26/18

Location:  Baywatch, Wrightsville Beach Park

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 45

Pax: LETC, Gap (Gary Barker, Charlotte Metro), Abacus, Linda (John Sanders, Raleigh), Mr. Miyagi, Zapper, Burger Feet (Phil Wheeler, Raleigh), Less Nessman (Ben Smith Raleigh), DoubtFire, Sparky, Hot Tub Time Machine (….Raleigh), Moab, BabyBack, Bone Spur, CoffeeBean, Pennywise, Last, Might Might All Bait (Edwin Peacock, Charlotte), Seahorse, Butterfly, Cracker, Busted Grill, Tennenbaum, Mark Johnson FNG(Sooner), Joshua Clark FNG (Olde Soul), Sir Mix A lot, Niles, Atari, Gaphetto (Travis Leder, Raleigh), Tiny Dancer, Bottom Line, Shakespeare, Oops, Spin Doctor, Dino, Lifo, Overdraft, Tom Sawyer, French Kiss, Gobo, Dixie Chick .Heisenberg, Tank, The Hoff (had to lifeboat).

Warm up:

SSH x60 IC

Cotton Pickers x25IC

Mountain Climbers x30IC


The Thang:

Form two Indian Run Lines for a Carterico Indian Run towards the beach…

Stop at Intracoastal Realty for some Mary while everyone catches up….

Flutterkicks x60 IC (varying tempo)

Continue to the Beach…

Once at the beach…MMAB from Charlotte said he wanted to Hoff my Q for a minute so I let him….against all inside me…I let him….

We did some Apollos Creed x20IC, Partner Slap Merkins x20 IC, Partner Assisted Resistance Arm Raises, x20IC…Rinse and Repeat…

We then went to the surf line for some Tennessee TEE BAG (Two people go back to back and squat, last person crawls under them…T-Bag Get it)….it was lets say…Entertaining….


MY TURN: ALARM: Partner Up and elts do this thing..

Partner 1 runs to the surf and does 3 Surfees while partner 2 does the exercise

A: Alternating Shoulder Taps – 200 Single Count

L: Squats -300 Single Count

A: LBCs – 400 Single Count

R: Rosalitta – 500 Single Count

M: Mountain Climbers – 600 single Count


We ran out of time somewhere around the Rosalittas and LBCS so everyone got in the ocean to rinse the sand out of the GROIN area and we formed back up to head back to CoT.


COT: Mumblechatter was STRONG. It was so cool seeing ALL these PAX here. BAYWATCH season has officially started.

Prayers for safe Travels on Memorial Day Weekend.

Prayers for the REAL reason we have a day off of work on Monday.

It truly was a pleasure to lead..

Until Next time…

Venus OUT!





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