Steamy Start

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Epo, Tombstone, McFly, RX, Chicken Noodle, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


20 SSH, IC

Warm-Up A:

Mosey to Lake w/ an Indian Run around the block, first. Then:

20 Hillbillies, IC

20 Cotton Pickers, IC

15 Table Toppers, IC

15 Copperhead Squats

Warm-Up B:

Lake Run. | All PAX take a tour of the lake and Farmer’s Market. Stop 3 times.  OYO complete 15 Squats, 9 Merkins, 3 Burpees. Return to start.

The Thang:

Run to West Side of Pleasure Island – to the Baseball Field.

5 Pax work together for a run, lunge, LBC, and Burpee mix.

In order, PAX complete 15 lunges, 9 LBCs, 3 Burpees.  Complete a lap to soccer goal and back.  Rinse and Repeat until 150 Burpees are executed.  We were running short of time so we all knocked out the last few burpees together.

Mosey back to the flags.


15 Flutter Kicks, IC

15 Freddie Mercury’s, IC

15 Hello Dolly’s, IC

15 WWI Sit-Ups, OYO

30 LBCs, OYO


Strong work by 6 PAXs.  Lots of movement and YOU won.

Epo was FIFO (First In, First Out).  Completed 5 miles EC at 0600.

Good luck to Epo’s Spencer who is competing in a track and field event today.  Word is Spencer gets her running speed and endurance from her mom.

Convergence @ WB on Monday @ 0700.

Good luck to all completing the Murph on Monday morning.

Thanks to RX for stepping up and taking on Holy Bagels on Friday’s for Screaming Eagle.

Strong work by all – it was steamy and warm.  All Pax hung in there and appreciated the West side of the Island on this morning.  We all kept moving and all got stronger. Thanks for being at Iron Island!!!

Summer is starting – prayers for safety this weekend and prayers for all serving cognizant of what this weekend represents!

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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