Shoulder Shredder

Date: May 25, 2017

Location: Ogden Park, Stingray

# of Pax: 19

QIC: Venus

Pax: BTB, OTC, Dino, Trump, Spin Doctor, Coffeebean, BallBearing, BabyBack, BamBam, 8-Penny, The Adjuster, Sham Wow, Tennenbaum, EOM, Sparky, Knucklepuck, Yankee, Zuckerberg

On a gorgeous morning after some rainy days, 19 Pax decided to fight the fartsack and get stronger. Here is what they got…



25 Imperial Walkers IC

50 Moroccan NightClubs IC

25 Overhead Presses IC


Form 2 lines and begin a Caterico Indian Run (5 Merkins before you sprint to the front) to the Baseball Field. We had a decent pace so YHC was excited that we may get through the full workout I had planned…

11s: At the info stand at the field house do 10 Burpees, at the entrance to the baseball fields do 1 Mak Tar Jive. 9/2, 8/3, all the way to 2/9, 1/10.

Everyone finished their reps and we were headed back….Time was cutting close so YHC was pushing for everyone to finish. I heard some mumblechatter about everyone finishing their reps and they felt good about that.

Got to the swing sets and informed everyone to partner up that we were doing a reverse DORA:

Partner 1 does cumulative:

300 – inverted swing rows

200 – LBCs

100- decline merkins

Partner 2 runs to Pull up bars for 10 pull ups then flip flop.

Everyone knew they weren’t going to finish since we only had 10 minutes left but we gave it a go and some got through the 300 inverted swing rows…..We then mosey back to the COT where we had 3 minutes of protractor lead by BTB.


Prayers for Sparky’s Mother in Law.

Prayers for Meader as he heads for missionary work in Africa

Prayers for BTB and M as their Baby is coming soon!

Prayers for Quatro for quick healing and recovery. We know you are missing us but we miss you more.

Until next time….Which is tomorrow….AT BAYWATCH!




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