Fun With Blocks

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 5-24-18

# of PAX: 11

Pax: 8Penny, Crosswalk, Flight Nurse, Franks, Hooch, Merit Badge, RX, The Mountie, Tea Party, Tiny Tank, TrolleyStop

Warm Up:

10 x Burpees a minute for 5 minutes (50 total)

Mosey to the backside of the baseball fields.


Six stations.  Pax will conduct exercises on cards at each station for 4 consecutive minutes.  Goal is to perform each superset on the cards 4 times.  Bonus for EC!  After each set, 1 minutes mosey.

• Station 1:

◦ Burpees x 10

◦ Jump Squats x 10

• Station 2:

◦ Kettle Bell Swing w/ cinderblock x 10

◦ Sumo High Pull w/ cinderblock x 15

• Station 3:

◦ Squat Press w/ cinderblock x 10

◦ Shoulder to shoulder press w/ cinderblock x 15 (going over head)

• Station 4:

◦ T Merkins x 10

◦ Up/Down Planks x 15

• Station 5:

◦ Tricep Merkins x 10

◦ Tricep Extensions w/ cinderblock x 15

• Station 6:

◦ Curls w/ cinderblock x 10

◦ Reverse Grip Rows w/ cinderblock x15

Mosey back to Flag for COT.


Great work this morning gentlemen!

Glad to see many pax fighting the fart sack and pushing themselves to get better. Reach out to those you haven’t seen in a while and try to get them back out in the gloom.

Always a pleasure to have Flight Nurse visit us down south. The Stache off was on this morning. I think TrolleyStop may have dethroned Flight Nurse for best stache, but will leave that to the othe pax to decide!

Today marked the 4th time the cinderblocks have be used in some fashion in the last 5 workouts! Hopefully we can let them rest for a while now.

EPO and Foxtrot were missed, by glad you both got some work in!

F3 Dads Camp coming up in August. It is a great time. Sign up or message YHC if you have any questions!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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