10 Minutes–Easy $.

QIC: Trolly Stop

Date: 5.17.18

# of PAX: 5

PAX: Crosswalk, Nomad, Hooch, Franks, Trolly Stop

Warm up:

(Pretend or Actual) Jumprope–

With the timer set for 5 minutes, Pax hopped on both feet x 100, switched feet x 200, double unders x 10, left foot x 30, right foot x 30 and repeated until the timer ended.

Hindu Merkins x 20 OYO

Moseyed to a nearby shelter carrying a dumb/kettle bell.

The Thang:

With the timer set for 10 minutes, the challenge was to get as many sets in as possible–a set = burpees x 10 and goblet squats x 10.

Next, we left our weights behind and moseyed to a shelter which housed picnic tables.

Bulgarian split squats x 25 each leg

American Hammers x 25

Crunchy frogs x 25

Superman thrusts x 25

Hindu squats x 50

Isometric hold merkins: at the beginning of the decent of the merkin we paused for 10 seconds, then again at the halfway point, and again before reaching the ground. On the ascent, we paused at the same three points. After a 10 count, we repeated the exercise except we paused for 8 seconds. After a 10 count, we repeated the exercise again, but this time we paused for a 6 second count.

We ended with punching drills moving our hands as quickly as possible:

Straight punches x 30

Butterflies x 30

Up and down flaps x 30

Overhead punches x 30

Tricep extensions x 30

Out front holds for 30 seconds.

Moseyed back to flags.


It was a rainy day in the gloom, but at least it was warm. Hopefully we all got our money’s worth. Hooch took us out in prayer. Thank you for the opportunity, men.

Peace, Love, and Get Those Chests to the Ground,

Trolly Stop





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