Stingray BOMBS

Date: 5/23/2018
AO: Stingray
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 18
PAX: OTC, Chop Shop, Ballbearing (Respect), Zuckerberg, Shines, Butterfly, Yard Doc, Bogey, BamBam, Sparky (Respect), Spin Doctor,  LETC (Respect), EOM, Bob the Builder, Jiffy Pop, Flounder, Burger Feet (Respect)
Windmill X 20 IC
Imperial Walkers X 20 IC
The Thang:
Form two columns for a Carterican Indian Run around soccer fields to the other parking lot. (Six drops to do 5 merkins and sprints to the front of their line.)
BOMBS – Partner with someone who is not at your level.
Partner run to pull up bars  and do 5 pull ups.
  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Overhead Claps
  • 150 Merkins
  • 200 Big Boy Situps
  • 250 Squats
Mosey to Coupon Pile
Pick a medium sized coupon
10 curls each arm
30 Bro-Hammers
Switch sides with your partner and do 30 more
Tclaps to Yard Doc for his consistency in coming back and strong work!
Tclaps to those who are stepping up to Q upcoming workouts. There are still 17 left in the June calendar as of last night.
Ruth’s on Friday – YHC sharing testimony. Get your book.
Prayer Requests:
Those on IR: Quatro, Shrek, Snail Mail.
OTC’s 2.0 who broke her arm.
Sparky’s mother in law who broke her wrist.
Flounder – A local dentist who just got diagnosed with testicular cancer.
Chop Shop and his family’s adoption process.
My Dad who has bipolar and was recently hospitalized for it.
Praise report for LETC’s 2.0 who recently passed his Eagle board review and will receive the Eagle Scout Award June 10.
Multiple PAX called me BamBam today which I take as a complement because BamBam is a beast and because it could mean the beatdown was so good they couldn’t think straight! Either way, it was an honor to lead these men this morning!
BabyBack OUT!!


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