Pay the Toll / Grind the Axe



QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 22

PAX: Busted Grill, Niles, Wreck-it-Ralph, Tiny Dancer, Wax-Off, Rocky Top, Mayhem, Fire Marshall Bill, Cornhole, Gravity, The Adjuster, Morpheus, Last, Dog Fight, Shuffle, Transporter, Mr. T, Seahorse, Flight Nurse, Heisenberg, Sweep The Leg (FNG)


22 PAX arrived at OGAO ready to pay the toll and get better. Conditions were excellent, and mumblechatter was strong.



Toy Soldiers x15IC

Cotton Pickers x15IC


The Thang

Carterico Indian run (single file) the long way to the Pull-Up bars

Partner Up to pay the Toll
Run GPI Loop Opposite Directions
When you meet:
10 HandSlap Merkins
20 Sumo Squats
30 LBC’s
Run Remainder back to Pull-Up Bars
5 PullUps
10 Dips

Rinse & Repeat x3

Mary for the 6 = Flutter Kicks | LBC’s | etc (YHC didn’t catch all of it)

Mosey back to the flag

True American Circle

PAX hold high plank | going around circle – each PAX : True American x5 (Merkin w/ Plank Jack @ top)


100’s x25IC

American Hammer x25IC

Box Cutters x10IC (both ways)


COT / Moleskins

Strong work by all the newer PAX & FNG! Always nice to see new faces ITG. Looking forward to getting to know you gentlemen better!

Niles, YHC hopes your axe is now sufficiently ground and that I’ve gotten to the point. I look forward to your Ultimate Broga Beatdown! Never a dull moment…

We now have 2 OGAO PAX (both hailing from Waxhaw NC) with Karate Kid themed names, Anyone seen Mr. Miyagi recently?

Dog Fight, YHC didn’t kill you, but you almost forgot your name… Strong work!

Dads + 2.0’s Baseball – Thursday 06/07 – 1900 – Legion Stadium. Wilmington Sharks Baseball and $1 beers! Open to ALL PAX, 2.0’s or not. (YHC was incorrect on the date @ COT – there is another Thursday home game but it’s 07/12)

Blueberry Festival 5K – Saturday 06/16 – 0700 – Burgaw. BE THERE! HC now to run for someone who can’t. It’s going to be a great day!

Prayers for Mayhem’s cousin’s family, recently lost their mother.

Thanks Gravity for the reminder about reading scripture “for” ourselves. The word is alive, and if we allow it to, it will guide our lives.


As always, thank you for the honor of leading, it’s always a pleasure!


Until next time…











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