Parking deck trail

QIC: Pony Express(RUN)

Date: 5/22/18

# of PAX: 8

PAX: (Run)Corn hole, Heisenberg, Busted Grill, LETC, Tenenbaum,

(Ruck)Oops, Tom Sawyer

Warm Up: SSH x 20 IC, Cotton Pickers x 20 IC, Mountclimbers x 15 IC


Time to run. We moseyed over to the parking deck. In preparation of my upcoming trail run, we ran to the top of the parking deck and back down. Then ran up one flight of steps across parking level, up next flight of steps working towards the top. And then back down the same way. We repeated this 2 more times. When we finished, it was time to nosey back to the AO. Strong work by all and thanks for participating in my prep for the trail run.

COT/ Moleskin: Prayers for BG’s wife

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Pony Express out





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