If I Was Going Somewhere, I Was RUNNING

Date: 5/22/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 12

THE PAX: Franks, Crosswalk, The Hoff, Hooch, R-X, Tiny Tank, Trolley Stop, Foxtrot, EPO, Tombstone, Sir Mix A Lot

Q: Chicken Noodle



Cherry Pickers IC x20



Run over the bridge as far as you can towards carolina beach until 5:50 and turn around. Meet up at the Food Lion at 6:05. Interval run back to the flag.

^ Run day backblasts are a piece of cake!



Good news in health reports for Tiny Tank’s father-in-law and Foxtrot’s wife’s sister


What a great way to start the morning! As Foxtrot said, it’s great to see our fast runners staying with and encouraging those bringing up the six. We started together and ended together while spending another morning growing together. I appreciate the opportunity to lead (from the back)!





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