The Mighty Bridge of WB

DATE: 5/22/18


# of PAX: 9

PAX: Zuckerberg, Mr. Kotter, Fat Back, Daggerboard, 8Penny, The Ratt, Hot Wheels, Tiny Cup

EXTRA CREDIT: Zuckerberg and YHC ran the loop prior to the workout!


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Cotton Picker x 20 IC


  • Indian Run to the drawbridge (1 mile)
  • 11s across the bridge back and forth: (3 miles)
    • far side of bridge: Jump Tucks
    • starting side of bridge: Mike Tyson’s
  • finish with the SIX
  • Indian Run back to the AO (1 mile)


  • Prayers for The Ratt and his M who had their baby anatomy scan today!
  • So happy to see Hot Wheels, Tiny Cup, and The Ratt make it back out
  • Awesome to have Mr. Kotter, Fat Back, and Daggerboard out there today! They pushed everyone’s pace!
  • Its that time of year! I see many ocean and sound dips coming up in the Turbo Tuesday future! Come join us!

It was a pleasure!

BTB- out!




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