Pop-up Clavin VQ


Pop-up Clavin VQ

QIC: Clavin 

Pax: Clavin, AED, Snickers, Man Hands, Cover Charge, UFO, and Brady

Warmorama: warmup SSH (40), Cherkin (10), 10 burpees OYO, 10 merkins OYO

The Thang:

Indian run 1 lap six does 5 air squats. Dora: 200 air squats while partner runs to tree line and does 5 reps of exercise of their choice. Again with 100 merkins and then again with 5o burpees. 11’s:  triceps dips/ lunges. Mosey to track for one more lap.

Mary. 50 LBC, 15 hello Dolly, 15 Freddie Mercury, 15 American Hammer, Snickers With imperial walkers, Brady With box cutters, snickers with plank! COT

COT: Prayers for Man Hand’s Mission trip to Africa, 

Strong work Everyone.

Clavin OUT



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