Heavy Metal Dora

HMP: 5/21/18

#15 PAX: Gravity, Jiffy Pop, Smiles, Flounder, Mr. T, PSB, Merman, Pony Express, Mr. Cotter, Sweater Vest, Babyback, Transporter (FNG), Atari (FNG)

Q: Mayhem


SSH x 25

Cotton picker X 20

Merkin X 20

Indian run around loop back to the AO


Partner Dora

100 KB Squats

200 Tricep Extension

300 American Hammer

Partner lunges to speedbump and does 10 KB swings

Mini Dora 

50 KB Swings

100 Curls

150 Partner Situps with KB passing back and forth

Partner runs to speed bump and back


Pickle pumpers X 15

100’s X 25


COT: We had two FNG’s.  No Announcements.

Mayhem out.




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