The Birthing Wall

DATE: 5/17/18

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Mr Kotter, Flight Nurse, Last, Chop Shop, Money Gun Dino, Heisenberg, Daggerboard, Sweatervest


Seal Claps x30 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Burpees x10 OYO


Single column Indian run south along the river to the steps of the Municipal building.

Birthing Wall _ At about halfway through this routine, if one were to take the time to close their eyes and reflect on the sounds penetrating the still, gloomy air, the moans and groans may be consistent with what one might imagine men to sound like if they were to give birth _ Find a spot on the wall and perform the following:

  • Balls-to-the-wall Merkins x1 + Merkin x2 + LBCs x3
  • Rinse and repeat x10 increasing the rep multiple +1 each time so ends with x10, x20, x30
  • Run around the block
  • Repeat exercises in reverse order starting with an audible for that to start with Balls-to-the-wall Merkins x6 + Merkins x12 + LBCs x18 and work backwards rinse and repeat x6 to finish with x1, x2, x3

Mary while waiting for the 6 to finish

Single column Indian run further south to Ann St

Ann’s Ladder:

  • Run up the hill then Burpee x1
  • Run down the hill and back up then Burpee x2
  • Rinse and repeat increasing the Burpees x1 each time until you reach x10

Mary on the 6

Single column Indian run back to the AO


  • Thank you, Dino, for asking me to wait for you on the run around the block so you wouldn’t get lost. That provided the opportunity for reflection that resulted in the naming of the Birthing Wall.
  • Last, great job detecting your body’s inner conflict during warm-up and relocating slightly to spare the Pax the byproduct of your flatulence.
  • Strong work Flight Nurse, you’ve made some great improvement since you started!
  • Impressive motivation by all this morning!
  • Prayers for Blade and his foster child situation
  • Prayers for Chop Shop as they work toward permanently adopting their foster child
  • Prayers for Dino on a full recovery so we don’t have to have any more awkward discussions about his recent ailment.

It was an honor and a pleasure to lead, thank you!



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