Trash Day / Quatro Returns / When the Q is the Six

Date: 5/18/18
AO: Stingray
QIC: BabyBack
# of PAX: 21
PAX: Quatro, Spin Doctor, Bob the Builder, Zuckerberg, EOM, Sparky (Respect), Ballbearing (Respect), Etch-a-Sketch, Ugly Stik, Venus, Trump, Burger Feet (Respect), Yankee, Tenenbaum, Yard Doc, Shakedown, BamBam, Butterfly, Dino, Knucklepuck
Cotton Picker X 20 IC
Morroccan Night Club X 30 IC
Burpees X 5 OYO
Pearls on a String
Run Road to baseball fields all the way out to the gate and back.
5 Merkins at single speed bumps.
Plank or Mary for the Six at double speed bumps & perform announced exercises.
  • Shoulder Taps x20
  • Dead stop Merkins x10
  • Jump Lunges x10 each leg
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • 180 Squats x20
  • American Hammers x20
Prize for making it to the gate:
Burpees x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Wide leg squats x20
  • Plank Jacks x20
  • Walking Lunges x10 each leg
  • Diamond Merkins x10
  • Austin Ass Kickers x20
Short mosey to tennis courts for Bat Wings, aka Elementary School PE class.
20 IC each:
  • Forward LBACs
    • Hold for a 10 count
  • Backward LBACs
    • Hold for a 10 count
  • Seal Claps
  • Overhead Claps
Mosey back to the flag for some Mary:
  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Hello Dollies x 20 IC
  • American Hammers x 20 IC
  • Boxcutters x 20 IC
Trash time must now be 5:29 on Fridays at Ogden Park. A few PAX had to dodge the truck while doing Side Straddle Hops and fortunately Sparky’s truck was spared.
YHC was, more often than not, part of the Six during Pearls on a String, hence the third name of the workout. Glad to still get the chance to lead from behind!
YHC was so fatigued at the end of the run that I misread the Weinke thinking Diamond Merkins was the last set of speed bumps. I had planned Makhtar N’Diayes instead of Austin Ass Kickers. That may have given us more credibility with the runner passing by!
Strong Mumblechatter from the PAX during Bat Wings as we had a couple jogging by encouraging our work and a Deputy Sheriff for an audience. We moseyed to the flag for Mary since the tennis courts had enough puddles on them already and didn’t want EOM adding to them.

Thanks to Ballbearing for picking up the count on the Boxcutters as YHC couldn’t get it together for that one!
F3 Cape Fear Hat order. Message Venus which color you want. $25 each. Proceeds benefit the F3 Cape Fear Foundation.
Shout out to Quatro returning to the gloom today even with a fracture. Strong work modifying with the bike to get around to still do the workout!
Praising God for the brotherhood we have through F3 that pushes us to be better men.
Prayers for:
  • Sparkys daughter and family visiting from Kentucky. Prayers for safe travel and a great visit.
  • Shrek and Snail Mail on IR for healing and that they could join us again soon.
  • Shakedown’s dad who has an angiogram today.
  • Texas Pete, leader of Healing Transitions in Raleigh who fell off the wagon recently
  • BTB and his M with their 2.0 due June 6!
It was an honor to lead you men today! Thanks for the opportunity!
BabyBack OUT!!


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